In the Chinese communities around the world, the number eight (8) is considered the most fortuitous of all numbers, making it much coveted for addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, license plate numbers, bank accounts, logo's, special days, the month of August, the years and the list goes on and on.

If you're Chinese -- every fifth person in the world -- the number eight not only signifies or portends prosperity but confidence and money worth even millions, depending where you are. For centuries, this ancient culture has held the number eight (8) as the most precious number/s of all.

All printed Legal Banknotes around the world with serial number containing the numeral #8 or Solid 8's all have a premium markup values & prices, its substantially priced above its actual market value per note in any denominational banknotes in every Country.

The word "eight" in Chinese (Pinyin: ba) sounds similar to the word which means "fortune", "prosper" or "wealth" (Pinyin: fa). In regional dialects the words for "eight" and "fortune" are also similar, eg Cantonese "baat" and "faat" meaning prosperity, say native Mandarin and Cantonese speakers.


From the science of numbers, we learn that the number eight is the vibration of prosperity, vastness, balance and progression. It represents wisdom symbolically revealed in the eight-pointed Christic (Light of Wisdom) star.

The number eight relates to the letter "H" also the eighth letter in the alphabet, meaning of which is Life. The two pillars and the crossbeam show the balance and union of polarities, feminine-masculine, head-heart and intellect-intuition. The name of God in Hebrew, according to a number system, is an eight, correlating with the meaning of the letter 'H'.

In the cosmic plan, the earth at this time is scheduled to move into the power of the eight. Whatever is not in the harmonics of the eight is being notified. Thus we have breakdowns of systems, institutions, religions, corporations and personalities. To assist us in moving through these changes, we have the wisdom and guidance of the Divine Spirit, the Dove of peace and promise. This is the era of the Dove, the power of the eight.


This is where the Prefix alphabet Letter or Letters (B or BB) are meticulous because it resembles the number 8. For example: B888888, 88B-888888, 8BB-888888. B000008, 88B-000008, 8BB-000008. These Super Mega #8 or Solid 8's Banknotes are the premium banknotes to obtain and the hardest to find. Its super sought after for die hard banknotes collector's around the world. Second most important Prefix for #8 or Solid 8's are alphabet Letter or Letters (H or HH) because its the 8th letter in the alphabet. For example: H888888, 88H-888888, 8HH-888888. H000008, 88H-000008, 8HH-000008.
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